Comedy Groupies

by Laurence Clark

FHM July 2011

The comedy groupies I love the most are the autograph hunters.  Because my cerebral palsy affects my co-ordination, my handwriting is somewhat erratic, so my signature is never ever the same twice.  I always patiently explain this but it doesn’t deter them.  Once after a show someone collected up about 50 posters of me from around the theatre and then stood over me whilst I signed each and every one – by the end my efforts weren’t so much a signature as a random scribble!  The worst kind of autograph requests are the ones with books that have sheets of tissue paper between each page. I once pressed down with the pen so hard on the page of someone’s book that I tore a small hole in it.  So I told him it was an integral part of my signature and he bought into it!

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